Lacados Industriales Piresa S.L is a company with extensive experience in powder coating, so it knows all about its customers ́ needs and their products, including their application in different sectors such as construction, decoration, automotive industry, lighting, food, glass...

Therefore we understand the need to meet customer expectations, offering advice with their orders, hence upon receipt of the material the importance given to being able to prepare it according to its composition and individual requirements depending on its scope of application and purpose.


Our facilities have a five-stage chemical treatment tunnel with different products (degreasing agents, activators, nanoceramic products, non-chromic conversion products) which allows us to offer lacquering services on a wide range of different metal surfaces (architectural aluminium, die cast aluminium, steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, glass), providing the different materials with the necessary adhesion and corrosion resistance properties according to the quality specifications demanded by our customers.

The innovative paint application systems allow us to apply colours from the conventional RAL colour chart, as well as other more specific finishes that can be textured, embossed, primers.

Quality Control

Our quality department has a laboratory with the necessary instruments to control the process of installation as well as to carry out different trials that are subject to varied national and international quality standards.

Specific tests can also be carried out according to the demands or interests of each client.


Aware of the importance of this step in preserving the quality guarantees that the material must maintain until it is received, and in collaboration with the client, the packing process is carried out, adapting it to its transport needs, as well as its purpose. In order to meet certain clients ́ needs, material plasticizing and screen printing may also be carried out.