The tests that can be carried out on demand of the customer are summarized in the table below, which contains the tests and the standard to which they are regulated, some specific tests can be performed by laboratories accredited to issue reports.


Lattice cut test UNE-IN ISO 2409:2013
Coupling test UNE-IN ISO 1502:2007
Bending test UNE-IN ISO 1519:2011
Impact test UNE-IN ISO 6272-1:2012
Saline mist test UNE-IN ISO 9227:2012
Resistance to boiling water Especificaciones Qualicoat ap.2.16
Adhesion in humid condition Especificaciones Qualicoat ap.2.4.2
Determination of moisture resistance UNE-IN ISO 6270-2:2006
Filiform corrosion test UNE-IN ISO 4623-2:2004
Resistance to humid atmospheres with sulphur dioxide UNE-IN ISO 3231:1998