Piresa experts in Industrial Lacquers

Lacados Industriales Piresa are experts in lacquering Steel, Aluminium, Galvanized and Glass. Piresa's hallmark is the quality of the finish in the lacquers, guaranteed thanks to the facilities and the personnel prepared for this very purpose. 


The facilities of Lacados Industriales Piresa include a laboratory, 5-stage pre-treatment tunnel, machinery and test instruments. In addition to this technology, they have an expert team that ensures quality finishes and the performance of the tests necessary to comply with demanding standards such as Qualicoat and Qualisteelcoat. As far as lacquers are concerned, we offer a wide range of possible surface finishes, which can be the traditional RAL colour charts, metallic finishes, textures, embossment...


The team of experts at Lacados Industriales Piresa controls and classifies, through tests and trials, the pre-treatment, lacquering process and subsequent finishing of each material in order to offer the maximum quality of its finishes.


All the necessary controls are carried out to ensure maximum quality.

  1. Appearance
  2. Colour
  3. Brightness
  4. Adherence
  5. Hardness
  6. Folding
  7. Stuffing
  8. Resistance to chemical products
  9. Acetic saline mist chamber
  10. Saline mist chamber
  11. Micro control
  12. Periodic control of polymerization curves

Tests on request

The quality of the finished material complies with the certification according to the standards or specifications required by our customers:

  • ISO 9001-2000
  • Mechanical tests
  • Saline mist chambers
  • Acetic saline chambers
  • Paint thickness
  • Material moisture testing cycles
  • Material moisture testing cycles
  • Other tests on request

Application Fields

  • Automotive industry: A variety of parts for this industry
  • Electricity industry: Electrical installation panels
  • Lighting industry: Lamps, spotlights, lighting systems
  • Decoration industry: Exhibitors, shelves, fences
  • Construction industry: Windows, doors, gates, partitions
  • Food industry: Shelves, displays
  • Wine industry: Accessories for the wine sector, barrel supports
  • Glass Industry: Bottles