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Lesson Plan Subject: Technology Sort of Session: Concept Theme: Caterpillars Grade level: 2nd Content Outline: 1. The Hungry Caterpillar 2. Literacy proficiency or strategy to be realized: a caterpillar butterfly’s life period Arranged/Advanced Planner: I’ll bring a poster with images of the nouns within the story with their brands underneath, While all individuals are placed on the carpet. I’ll then present the individuals Ab Muscles Hungry Caterpillar book. Goals: Intellectual: Individuals will have the ability study language and to comprehend the caterpillar’s life cycle. Reading Approach: Students will not be unable comprehend and to learn the substance While in The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. Effective: Students may realize that there can be a caterpillar a living animal that feeds and increases. Criteria: Cognitive: FEAPs: 6A-5.065.2.A.E.: Models communication skills and obvious, appropriate common. Reading Method: TESOL: 5.3.C.: Use different instruments and ways to examine content-location learning (e.g., q, technology, social studies) for ELLs at varying quantities of English language and literacy development. Effective: SSS: SC.1.L.17.1: Through declaration, recognize that all flowers and animals, including humans, need air, water, food, and space’s fundamental basics.

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Training Actions: Describe: I will explain to pupils gradually and plainly that I’ll examine them the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we will submit the scaffolded outline together, then I will keep these things pull a very important factor which they learned about caterpillars over a bare sheet of document. Show: I’ll hold-up my copy of the scaffolded outline and I can show the students how I fill out my outline After studying the story. Manual: I’ll permit pupils read the book independently and ask individuals to then submit their outline and I will go from scholar to pupil and have them probing queries to help them find the data they need to fill their outline out. Practice: Like A team, learners examine exactly what the tale was about and can reveal their outlines. Software: I will consult pupils to attract an image of anything they realized over a blank page of report While in The Hungry Caterpillar. Student Representation: I’ll accomplish a talk with the students and ask them if them if they want to share with one-another what they learned about caterpillars in the narrative. Products: -The Very Hungry Caterpillar book – Noun poster -Colors – Scaffolded Outline sheet -Empty page of document Tests Intellectual: Individuals talk about the life span of a caterpillar in the book and may reveal their traces with one another. Reading Procedure: Individuals can read The Hungry guide independently while they complete their scaffolded traces and they’re going to utilize the terminology poster to help them comprehend any unknown nouns in the account. Effective: Students may bring an image representing something which they learned all about caterpillars and their expected life because it is revealed Within The Very Hungry Caterpillar guide.

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Closure/Transport: Students will discover data which will transfer into other areas of their understanding. They’re not simply studying a caterpillar in this history, nevertheless they can also be understanding spell and HOWTO brand different types of food. This will be useful when reading and writing in subjects that are different. Alterations for ESE/ESOL: For an student while in the ELL team, I would have this scholar create what they learned close to their snapshot of what they learned. Self-Concept: I will try and create the selfconcept of pupils by using reward. If one scholar, for instance wants to experience needed also focus, I’ll appreciate him for his input and his help a few times during the lesson so he is like he’s aiding and is needed. Worksheet: The caterpillar starts as a . On Wednesday he consumed via a .

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