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Data Base Engineering Data Warehousing & middot Programs & middot; Information Retrieval Datamining Information Management & middot Technology Additional Computer Engineering · Realtime Simulator · Object Oriented Design and Programming (w/Java & C++) · Real Time Embedded Systems · High Speed Data Stream Coding Signal-processing · DSP programming · Lowered List Beamforming techniques · Reliable Beamforming implementation · Exclusive sign vector beamforming principles · Transducer Array layout and signal-processing · Image-Processing and research · Computer aided recognition and classification · 3d, graphic data-processing and visualization · Gradient-sensing techniques with big-range ray handling · Adjustable-theory Bayesian checking and distinction · Versatile signal-processing · Seismo-acoustic-based discovery and classification Products and Transducer design · Highly absorptive Product Style and rating/analysis of audio qualities · Micromachined (MEMS) capacitive audio transducer design · Sophisticated 1-3 composite piezoelectric acoustic transducer layout Unmanned/ independent vehicles Single and Matched Little AUV settings & middot; Modest Hydrodynamic simulation middot; Maneuvering and Sensing With Small UUV Automobiles Autonomous Surface Craft Systems Engineering Acoustics and distribution modeling · Physical models of bottom reverberation · Integrated equation methods for fixing non-separable difficulties · Inversion methods applied to acoustics as well as other areas · Adiabatic, packaged, and PE modeling strategies · Elastic (large & reduced ka) goal responses · Specific Element Audio/Flexible Simulator · HF sonar performance prediction modeling · Thermo-acoustics · Sonolysogenesis · Problem centered maintenance/non-damaging examination & analysis · Seismo-acoustic propagation Electromagnetics /ionospheric science that is atmospheric and Precise geolocation · Marketing and Radiofrequency Computer Communications · middot & Radiofrequency Interference Mitigation; Multiple- spectral Practices and Image Processing · Laser -centered 3-D Floor Mapping Research Topics Illustrations Samples of Specific Research Issues & middot models of bottom reverberation: Building of underlying scattering principle and inverse problem. get paid to edit essays · Essential equation options for handling non -separable issues in acoustics. · Efficiency conjecture of high-frequency audio signal processing calculations (versatile null steering, monopulse control, computer-aided diagnosis). · Examining adiabatic, coupled, and PE methods of creating a coupled with the target – approach that will keep up with adiabatic’s performance but include a major part of the results. · Imaging for advice about automatic manipulator arms in water that is turbid, at close range, utilizing sonar frequencies rivaling those of ultrasound. · Start & restoration of the tiny UUV using an UUV that is huge, including modest vehicle vectoring to some target by a process that is greater, tiny vehicle manipulation in regards to a goal for close range feeling, and little rendezvous with significant vehicle. · Develop and improve tactics found in the group of unidentified connections depending on vulnerable inputs that are doubtful and/or parametrically. · Progress of means of real-time acoustic geolocations of heart practice activities inside the profile of sea exterior disturbance at sea states that are moderate to high. · Advancement of calculations for activity of high-density laser profiling read this assignment data and development of 3 D manifestation versions (fly over simulations).

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Lacados Industriales Piresa

Polígono La Portalada
Calle Serón - 39F
26006 Logroño, La Rioja, SPAIN (España)

T: (+34) 941 445 419



Nuestros servicios
  • Industria del automóvil
  • Industria de electricidad
  • Industria de la iluminación
  • Industria de la decoración
  • Industria de la construcción
  • Industria de alimentación
  • Industria del vino
  • Industrias del vidrio


¿Qué hacemos?

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